Sunday, 31 July 2011

Welcome to Three Of Hearts.

Hi, & welcome to my new blog, Three of Hearts. It's a glimpse into my world of chaos, baking, crafting, sewing & crocheting goodness. This is me, Lisa, I'm the one that will be behind the camera (for a few reasons, 1: I'm currently rocking a really 'attractive' hair do, & therefore no photos will appear of me, until said hair do grows out! & 2: I'm the only one who takes photos!!)

So, why Three of Hearts? Well, for 2 reasons really. Number 1 reason is that I have 3 daughters. 3 beautiful, clever, funny girls, who will probably pop up on here from time to time. Therefore 3 is a good number for me. (My husband & I joke that they are the 'Charmed' ones) & reason number 2, is that I have a very, very slight obsession with hearts (But I will save this for the next post, maybe? It will probably involve a lot of photos!)

Hmmmm, I guess I should tell you a bit about lil ol me.

-I'm a 30 something Mum of 3.
-I'm married to a man whose nickname is 'Loony', which should tell you a lot about him.
-I tend to live in 'my own little world' a great deal of the time. It's a lovely place, full of lots of hearts, polka dots & glitter. Oh & chocolate, lots of chocolate, chocolate that makes you lose weight!
-I'm trying to be the 'Perfect Housewife', but I'm failing miserably.
-I studied Art & Design at college, but never persued it as a career. I think I was completely uncreative from the age of 19 till 26, when I had 2 young children, & was in desperate need of a hobby.
-My love of crafting began with an interest in Interior Design, then grew with scrapbooking. Sewing & upcycling soon followed. However, I taught myself to crochet around the beginning of summer 2010, & crochet has definately overtaken all other crafts.

Well, I think thats enough for now. Have got lots of exciting (well, exciting to me!!) stuff to show you, which I hope you will really enjoy.

Thanks for reading, & if you'd like to leave me a comment, please do.