Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Oooh!! A Giveaway.......

......... is happening over HERE. Check it out, plus Kirsty's blog is full of loveliness, along with her shop.


**The Wobbly Granny Tah Dah!!!!**

Finally, here it is!!

Looking pretty, all folded up on my new (well, new upcyced chair, but more of that on another post)

In all of it's glory. Looking extremely wobbly, but we are liking the wobbliness.

I used the Bunny Mummy tutorial for the Double V Edging, which worked out blooming fantastically!!

I think she likes it!!

Well, I am sure she does, as she is currently asleep under it, **sigh**.

The details:

Number of rounds: 41 plus edging.

Happy Little Girl & Happy Mummy: YES!!


Monday, 21 November 2011

♥ One of 'Those' moments ♥

When no one is arguing, no one is whining, no one is picking on someone else. One of those moments, when it's visible to see that the friendship is there, the friendship that is hopefully going to grow & support them in their teens, through adulthood, & when we are no longer there for them.

Technically speaking, it's no where near a perfect photo. The lighting is rubbish amongst other things. But you know what? I'm not a photographer. I am a Mum, a very proud Mum, who will cherish this photo for ever.

Especially on those days when they are arguing, whining & being mean to each other **Smile**.


Well I guess I haven't been a great blogger lately, but life has just got in the way. I do however have a few posts including a birthday, a anniversary, 2 crocheted finished projects, before & afters of a almost finished bedroom makeover, including some furniture makeovers, & a few crocheted WIPS. I am going to make the most of having a clean house on a miserable grey & foggy Monday morning to write these posts ready to go this week.

So, how are you?