Wednesday, 18 April 2012


& welcome to my new followers! (not followers in a weird cult like way) It was lovely to check my blog to see my follower numbers had jumped quite a bit, I blog for me mostly, but it's nice to know others are interested!

So, to welcome you all, I made cakes! Please help yourselves :-)

My posting has been very sporadic & slightly boring lately. This is partly due to the Easter holidays & feeling a bit down in the dumps. I think I just need some sunshine, sunshine makes everything better doesnt it?

I am trying to introduce some positive changes in my life, healthier eating, more exercise, tidier, more organised home, more creative time for me. My head feels very jumbled right now. Im trying to let go of a great deal of negativity & focus on the positives, which isnt blooming easy! But Im perservering, I will get there.

Im planning on a blog makeover, as I feel like it needs freshening up, like a bit of a spring clean. I've been spending lots of times reading blogs that are super inspiring, taking note of the aspects I love about them & trying to figure out how to incorporate them into my little space.

What are your favourite blogs? What is it you love about them?


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Drawing time

Spent the evening drawing with Miss M. We were both trying to get to grips with pro markers, beautiful to colour with but takes some skill. We decided that we do not have enough, we need pinks & yellows as well as a few more! Have you tried them? Any hints or tips? Xxx