Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Wishing you a Happy New Year

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I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas & that 2013 has got off to an excellent start?
I had hoped to blog more in December, but things got in the way & I've come to the realisation that 2012 kicked my backside in many ways last year. I think I spent most if not all of the year trying to keep my head above water, & not become overcomed by all that life threw at us. It was not the hardest year that I've ever encountered, however I dont think I actually dealt with a lot of the emotions from those bad years & those emotions certainly let themselves be known in 2012.
I've seen many bloggers post about their word for the year. The idea of a word to live by has always intrigued me but I've yet to feel inspired to choose a word for myself. Until now.
I think my word for 2013 is Positivity.
I need to remain positive, to stop becoming overwhelmed by all the crap life likes to throw at me. To not become angry at situations which are out of my control. To no longer worry about what others think of me, as the people who truely love me, love me for who I am & dont want me to change. To surround myself with positivity, to not let others negativity drag me down. To let the positivity help build my confidence in myself, as my beautiful daughters need a strong confident Mum.
In other words, I need to kick myself up the backside & pull myself out of this rut.
I am planning a blog makeover soon, a new year needs a fresh start/look. Im feeling the need to simplify & prettify. I'm also going to break out the big camera (well ok, big to me, not quite an SLR, but maybe I'll save lots of pennies & treat myself this year) & start capturing life properly instead of relying on my Iphone.
Wow, this was only going to be a post wishing you a New Year, didnt expect to be pouring my heart out. If you havent fallen asleep by now, then I thank you for reading! LOL!
I would like to take a moment to thank you for reading my blog,& for leaving such lovely comments. They make my day :-)
Another of my plans for the New Year was to go to bed earlier & rest so Im going to stop rambling on & get some sleep.
I wish you a very Happy & Lucky 2013.