Monday, 9 March 2015


Good morning & how are you? It's not quite 7am on a grey & miserable Monday morning, so I thought I'd write a quick blog post before I have to attempt the school run. It's one of those days where I'd much rather stay in bed, but that's not possible today, far too much needs to be done.

As I wrote in my last post, I took a week off for half term to spend with my girls. It was a lovely chilled week, the Hubby even took a few days off so we got some much needed family time.

Unfortunately on the last Saturday of the week, my youngest, Miss L-R, came down with a very nasty bout of chicken pox, which meant the next week & a half was spent providing lots of hot chocolate & cuddles, & not a lot else got done.

She was so brave dealing with it, she is such a tough little cookie.

We did some baking & a little bit of crafting, but to be honest all she wanted to do was lie in my bed (what is it with kids wanting Mum & Dads bed when they are unwell?) & watch TV (which I gladly obliged!!) 

It's been a pretty rough start to the year, so it's been so lovely to see Spring starting to poke it's head up!

I've started to revamp my craft area as it just wasn't working for me. The desk just became a dumping ground for everybody's stuff & needed to be cleared every time I wanted to make something. Then by the time I would have cleared it, most of the free time I'd set aside was gone. I'm hoping I can get most of it finished today as I really need to paint something! Anything!!

Ok, well I suppose I'd better get on with the day.

Have a fantastic Monday!!