Monday, 15 August 2011

Granny Bunting!!

A few weeks ago, I wanted to spend some time crocheting, but all the WIP's I had were blankets that are no where near being finished, & I wanted something that I could finish in a day. I spent some time browsing the net &came across some granny style bunting that screamed at me "Make Me!!" It took about a day to crochet the flags (it was a easy project to pick up when I had a minute spare in the day), then I blocked them overnight & in the morning........................................................

......................I had a pile of granny flags waiting to be chained together & strung up to be admired.

Why is bunting so hard to photograph?????????? 

I decided to string them up in the kitchen, as I spend so much time in there, so I need prettiness to make me smile  :-)

As I was finishing it off, Miss L-R saw it & asked if it was for her. She put on her sad face when I explained it was for the kitchen, so I guess I'll be making some more for the girls bedroom next!!


Thursday, 11 August 2011

The one where we celebrated a birthday with lots of cake.....

We started with pancakes!! This is M, the birthday girl. Traditionally in our house, the birthday person chooses what they want for breakfast. The whole pile wasnt just for her though!

I made a batch of vanilla cupcakes for our picnic at the zoo.

This is K, she is 7 & seems to be enjoying her cupcake!

& Miss L-R, the baby of the family. She seems to be inhaling her cake!

For M's birthday cake, I made her a lemon sponge cake, with lemon curd filling & lemon buttercream. To be honest, it was a bit too lemony, so I wont be doing the lemon cure filling next time. The buttercream was delish, unfortunately though, due to the heat, it wouldnt whisk up properly, resulting in a rather messy cake.

All in all, it was (in M's words) "the best birthday ever!!"

How am I Mum to a 9year old. Feels like only 5 minutes ago when she was born!!


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The one where we went to the zoo......

Recently, we went to the Zoo/Safari Park, to celebrate my eldest daughters 9th birthday. It was a super hot day, & most of the animals were in the shade, which made driving around in a hot car not fun!

We saw monkeys. In fact we saw a monkey almost escape out of the enclosure by hitchiking on top of a coach!!

We saw Zebras. I love how their stripes continue from their skin to their mane.

We got up close with the penguins, & it looked like they were having the most fun!

& the giraffes, who were having a good munch.

Pygmy Marmosets roam around part of the zoo. Sometimes you wont see any of them & other times, they are everywhere you look. This time, fortunately, they were feeling sociable, & so we got pretty close. If you look carefully at the photo, you'll see that this Mummy Marmoset has 2 little babies on her back, so cute!!

I didn't get as many photos as I'd hoped as my camera battery died, which was a shame. But I got to experience it with my girls, rather than being behind the camera, watching them experience it. It's a tough one to balance, when to experience it with your kids, & when to record it


So far, our summer holiday is going very smoothly. We don't have a set routine for our day, which is a relief after doing the school run all year. We have enjoyed days out, zoo visits, seeing friends, having picnics, exploring, & we have enjoyed days at home, playing, relaxing, crafting, baking, watching films. Bliss!!

I've been using my free time (by this I mean those odd moments where the kids are occupied with their own things) to be creative. I have a few projects on the go & one completed project all photographed ready to show you. The kids are occupied at the minute, so I'm using this time to create some blog posts!!

So, what are you up to?


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

♥ I found a new blog to love ♥

Good morning my lovelies, hope you are well today? It's just gone 9am here & I've spent the past hour browsing a beautiful & inspiring blog. Take a look here. It was this project that originally caught my eye, especially as my girls have a wooden dollshouse that is in desperate need of a makeover!!

Feeling very inspired to have a creative day, however my house needs cleaning & we need to go to the Post Office. Hmmmmmm, I'm thinking if I can do a superquick clean & then try to get to the Post Office before lunch, then we could have a crafty afternoon (I think my love of crafting has definately been inherited by my daughters!! )

Wish me luck!! Have a great day!!


P.S I will hopefully have a photo-full post for you soon!!

P.P.S The little hearts in the title were found on the Mousehouse blog. Look in the sidebar for lots of different symbols to copy & paste.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

There is a Giveaway........

.........over at Country Rose's beautiful blog. Even if you don't enter, spend some time there (esp. if you have a cuppa & a biscuit or two to keep you company!!), as it's a beautiful read.

Well, it's been a busy few days here. The weather has been gorgeous (although it's starting to cloud over & everything seems to have gone a weird colour, the greenery is so vibrant. Maybe theres rain on the way?) so we have been out & about enjoying some family time. My eldest daughter celebrated her 9th birthday yesterday with a trip to the zoo & a picnic. It was a lovely day & I have photos to share, once I charge my camera batteries. Today we took the dogs for a walk & had a picnic. We also paddled in the stream, which was heavenly for my sore, overheating feet!!

Will be back with a photo heavy post very soon!!