Wednesday, 3 August 2011

♥ I found a new blog to love ♥

Good morning my lovelies, hope you are well today? It's just gone 9am here & I've spent the past hour browsing a beautiful & inspiring blog. Take a look here. It was this project that originally caught my eye, especially as my girls have a wooden dollshouse that is in desperate need of a makeover!!

Feeling very inspired to have a creative day, however my house needs cleaning & we need to go to the Post Office. Hmmmmmm, I'm thinking if I can do a superquick clean & then try to get to the Post Office before lunch, then we could have a crafty afternoon (I think my love of crafting has definately been inherited by my daughters!! )

Wish me luck!! Have a great day!!


P.S I will hopefully have a photo-full post for you soon!!

P.P.S The little hearts in the title were found on the Mousehouse blog. Look in the sidebar for lots of different symbols to copy & paste.


  1. I followed your trail here and have bookmarked it..
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Oh wow! What a blog to link to!
    I love yours too, so pretty!

  3. thank you for your kinds words, hope you had a nice crafty afternoon that day!


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