Monday, 15 August 2011

Granny Bunting!!

A few weeks ago, I wanted to spend some time crocheting, but all the WIP's I had were blankets that are no where near being finished, & I wanted something that I could finish in a day. I spent some time browsing the net &came across some granny style bunting that screamed at me "Make Me!!" It took about a day to crochet the flags (it was a easy project to pick up when I had a minute spare in the day), then I blocked them overnight & in the morning........................................................

......................I had a pile of granny flags waiting to be chained together & strung up to be admired.

Why is bunting so hard to photograph?????????? 

I decided to string them up in the kitchen, as I spend so much time in there, so I need prettiness to make me smile  :-)

As I was finishing it off, Miss L-R saw it & asked if it was for her. She put on her sad face when I explained it was for the kitchen, so I guess I'll be making some more for the girls bedroom next!!



  1. I love it you can't have too much Granny Bunting around the place :)

  2. They're gorgeous! Love the colours x

  3. The bunting looks awesome across the window.. good for you!!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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