Saturday, 17 September 2011

Giant Granny Loveliness

So, I recently treated myself to a ball, or 2 of wool.

Or maybe a few balls, LOL!

I purchased the lovely Lucy Pack from Masons. Really good value & excellent service.

I do love Stylecraft wool, it feels lovely & is a pleasure to work with. The colours are on the bright side though, much brighter than the photos show.

When I brought the pack, I was still unsure what I was going to make with it. All I knew is that it was going to become a blanket for the girls.

After browsing way too many beautiful blogs, I decided on a Giant Granny Square.

11 Rounds completed.

14 Rounds completed.

19 Rounds completed.

25 Rounds completed.

Unfortunately, the larger a granny gets, the wobblier she becomes!! I've been reading various ideas on how to combat this, but I think this granny is definately going to be a wobbly one! Infact, I'm renaming her 'The Wobbly Granny Blanket'. I dont have a set idea on how big she is going to be, I think I'll just keep crocheting until I run out of wool.



  1. It looks great! You know what? You can't buy a wobbly blanket at the store...wobbly just means it was made by hand, with love. :) I'm sure your girls will treasure it for many years to come...and then their kids will.

  2. I loved my Lucy Pack, also from Masons, anything you make turns out pretty with those colours. I love your Granny :) x

  3. It's really pretty, and honestly, how many times do you have a blanket spread out completely on the floor, it's always folded or wrapped around a body, so wobbly doesn't matter a bit! I agree with Shelley - Wobbly = Love! Yvonne Spencer

  4. well i am a granny and have been known to be a bit wobbly nothing wrong with it xxx


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