Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmassifying our home

Ok, I think I totally made up the word Christmassifying, but it fits the title so Im going with it, LOL. I've been trying to get some decent photos of my tree, but my poor camera just isnt going to create the type of shot I desire. & lets be honest, when my kids are older & they look back at these photos, Im pretty sure they arent going to be saying 'Mum, these photos are awful', etc.

So, here is our tree:

Its slighly massive!!

We don't have a mantle/fireplace unfortunately (one day..........) so the top of the sideboard will do. Most of the Santas belonged to my Mother In Law,who is sadly no longer with us.

& our wooden advent calendar which is becoming one of our mostloved family traditions.

**5 sleeps to go!!**



  1. I love your advent calendar and your slightly massive tree :)

  2. Love your massive tree!Merry Christmas,have fun!Love juliexxx

  3. "Slightly massive".. I love it! Great tree and decorations though! We also have a Wooden Advent Calendar (Noah's Ark) and it's fab! Xx


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