Friday, 15 June 2012

The past month in photos

Phew, the past month has been a crazy one! So much happening, school holidays, the Jubilee, a heat wave, followed by torrential downpours. Craziness. So here's the month in photos, enjoy (Please note, blogger has uploaded these in the completely wrong order, but I dont have the energy to rearrange it all!):

Our Jubilee trifle & the girls dressed up for their Jubilee party at school.

A treat for myself :-)

Some painting time.

Some stitching time.

Some Wii time, boogeying away ;-)

The birthday girl, this was in the middle of her party.

Sewing a little something

Making pretties for my home <3
More sewing :-)

An empty ironing basket, this is momentus!!!

A little bit of crochet

Enjoying the sunshine & some baking

Finding a new place to explore :-)

More crochet, these are all WIP's, that I'll do a better post on soon.

My little 'garden' got flooded :-( 
I know nothing about gardening but was proud of how well everything was coming along, until the rains came & the snails & slugs had a feast on everything.

This isnt my garden, this was at the garden centre. I can only wish to one day have flowers like this!!

I attempted polka dotted nails, as polka dots make everything better :-)

A treat in the sunshine

Some painting

Setting up for the Jubilee (pre rain & slugs)

K's Jubilee Crown

Finishing WIP's. This one was started over a year ago, & its finally finished. Very fitting for the current weather.

& thats it!!

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Ok, its now absolutely hammering it down with rain, & I have to go out soon, so Im off to do my little dance to the Sun Gods to make it stop please!!!!

Happy Friday.



  1. This is such a lovely post.

    Love the polka dot nails! Also your stiching is lovely! Looks beautiful framed!


  2. Lovely post Lisa, I love the nails too!! And your crochet is gorgeous!
    Victoria xx

  3. Apart from the rain it looks as though you have been having a lovely month so far. The Jubilee weekend seems so long ago now, it's mad it was only the other week. And the rain oh the rain, I've had enough and am craving some warm sunshine, right now I'm freezing. It's June and we still have the heating on! x x x x


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