Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A Frozen Themed Birthday Cake.

My youngest turned 6 last November. She's been a dinosaur obsessed tomboy since she was about 2, but in the last year her girly side has definitely come out! She loves nothing better than to put on her Elsa dress & sparkly shoes & dance around. She still loves her dinosaurs & wants to be a palaeontologist when she's older, but wants to wear pretty dresses while doing so!
As with a lot of other little girls, Miss L-R loves all things Frozen, so a Frozen themed cake was in order. The cake itself was a chocolate marble cake with chocolate fudge icing. The base layer of the cake was a layer of ice blue fondant, I'd like to say that the pleated sort of effect was on purpose, but I'm not too good with fondant. You cant tell from the photos but the cake was covered in edible glitter. The figures I bought from The Disney Store, I'd seen Frozen figures being sold for ridiculous amounts on various cake supplies sites, so these seemed the better choice, especially as this meant she could play with them afterwards.

The cake was a huge success with my little Princess!!


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