Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I ♡ Hearts!

In honour of it being Valentines, I thought I'd share some of my Hearts with you. I may be slightly obsessed with them, although after taking these photos, I realise I dont have as many as I thought!!

Above is my dresser, which has crocheted heart bunting, some fabric hearts (both made by me), some hama bead hearts made by my girls, & a small wicker heart I treated myself to ages ago.

Next is my heart wicker banner that I picked up in Hobbycraft.

A cushion I made

Heart bunting made for today (doilies from the £ shop, stapled together)

Heart teapot was an xmas pressie from the Hubby, the cups were an anniversary gift.

There are fabric hearts all over the house (made by me)

A wooden heart & heart button canvasses (made by me)

Wicker heart chalkboard.

Heart stone, found by one of my girls :-)

Cushion I made for the sofa. Not sure about it though?

My eldest daughter, Miss M, made me this card. She knows I love sausage dogs!

Didnt get a card etc from the Hubby as he announced a few days ago that he 'doesnt do Valentines anymore' :-(

Guess I'll buy my own flowers then!

Happy Valentines Day.


  1. I don't think you need a card from hubby to see the 'love' in your house (I didn't get one either!) My youngest son did use his own money to buy me a pretty turquoise glass heart today though. He was very proud of himself, it is the first gift he has ever bought under his own steam, bless him. I love your teapot and mugs and next year I am going to go heart crazy too!

  2. I love hearts too, snap! Loads of them in our house but you can never have too many! Xx

  3. I love all your hearts around your house! I love them too! As for hubby and his decision not to celebrate Valentine's Day.. harumph. My poor guy doesn't like to do it either, but he knows how much it means to me so he does it. Sounds like he might need some remedial hubby training. :-)
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I just love everything in your house and all the fantastic things that you have made. We don't really do Valentine's Day in our house but I did get a beautiful handmade card from my little girl which she had made at Nursery (she's only 16 mth old) and its a lovely glittery heart so that is taking pride of place x

  5. I quite like that second cushion!

  6. I love those mugs and the pot! Great blog =)


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