Saturday, 10 March 2012

It's Saturday & the sun is shining!!

Well hello there! Hope you are well? I'm currently sitting in bed on the laptop, at 9:15 am enjoying a cuppa with the sun shining through the window. *Sods law, just as I wrote in the sun disappeared behind a cloud*

I think this post will be just a random selection of what it going on at the mo, Im having a few of those really busy weeks where nothing is actually being achieved. Does that make sense?

So, here we go, what Lisa has been up to lately (with no photos Im afraid!)

  • Started to paint a wall in my kitchen, it's Duck Egg Blue. Which in the pot looked lovely & serene, pale & calming. In reality, its bloody vibrant, but I think Im liking it!! I've been planning to brighten up the kitchen for at least a year now, but as the house is rented, we are quite limited to what we can do. Its in no way my dream kitchen, but as Im the one who spends the majority of my time in there, Im going to make it somewhere that makes me happy. As the colour is so bright, Im only painting 1 wall (plus if I was to paint the whole kitchen, I'd have to pull the fridge out & thats not something I wish to do)
  • Painting the kitchen means that I will finally have somewhere to hang the 'Keep Calm &...' posters I bought about a year ago!! I know some people are over the Keep Calm phase but I still LOVE it!!
  • I'm also painting a toy box in the same Duck Egg colour.
  • Have got no further with the other pieces of furniture yet.
  • Although I may have to postpone the painting of the sideboard unit we brought, as its going to be used to house the girls art & crafts materials, which are currently taking over the house. I think we'll just have to use it as it is for now, until the weather dries up enough to take it outside to be sanded.
  • Guess I'll be organising the girls arts & crafts stuff today then.
  • Oh & finishing the painting!
  • My lovely crochet blanket is coming along, no where near finished but getting there. Am on the 5th row of circles, so will finish this row & take some photos to update the blog with.
  • Really should get up & get dressed as Miss M is off to her friends at 11.
  • Miss K is out with her Daddy for the morning, so it'll just be Miss L-R & me for a while.
  • Talking of Miss K, she had grommits fitted a few weeks ago. We were very worried about her coping with this, as she is autistic, so change, esp to her senses can be really unsettling. But she is a Star, & despite a few wobbles, is just dealing with it.
  • I dont think I've written about Miss K being autistic before. It's not the only health issue she deals with. She's been through so much in her 7 years, more than an adult will go through in their lifetime. She's the strongest, most caring loveable little girl I've ever met.
  • Feel like crying now.
  • Could do with a cuppa.
  • I spent last night decoupatching a bird, sewing a strawberry & starting to stitch a teacup. All whilst watching Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt1.
  • Wonder what I'll achieve whilst watching Part 2?
See? Completely random. This is what actually goes on in my head! LOL.

Ok, enough rambling for today, have I bored you senseless? Promise the next post will have something to show.

Have a Happy Saturday!!


**Just as I was finishing this post, the Postman arrived with the new copy of Mollie Makes, so exciting!!**


  1. Not boring at ALL! :-)
    We live in a rented house too and although in many ways it is a lot less hassle the house is never quite how I'd 'love' it to be. The duck egg blue sounds lovely... Perfect for spring! (I still love the "Keep calm &..." Moto too)
    I do hope your daughter settles with her grommits, bless her. What a brave little girl xxx

    Louise xx

  2. I wonder how I could get Mollie Makes in Oregon? I love the color you're using.... do show us some photos when you can. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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