Monday, 20 August 2012

APAD-day 30

Yesterday (day 30) was pretty miserable. Ive come to the conclusion that I do not handle the high heat very well. Yesterday hit 29c, & I hated it. There was no air, no breeze, just sweltering heat. I know some people love that & that I should appreciate it as we rarely get temps that high in the UK. But I was miserable & so were the kids. Its was too hot to do anything. I really wanted to bake, but icing cupcakes in that heat was definitely out of the question.

Instead I made choc chip cookies.

& I finally got around to finishing my heart cushion (above photo) & whilst the sewing machine was all set up, I made another cushion using some lovely stripey fabric I bought last year from Ikea.

After making the cushions, I was gutted to realise that I didnt like them :-( They just didnt match the picture I had in my head (does anything ever match up to whats in your head?)

However Im not sure if my hating them was more down to the grump I was in? I think as the temps are considerably lower today (19c) Im going to spend some time prettifying my living room (I may even paint some walls if I can find the paint!!) & see if I can fall in love with them.

So, how was your weekend?



  1. Ooh those cookies look yummy Lisa. I didn't much like the heat yesterday either and neither did the little ones. I think your cushions are gorgeous but I know what you mean about having an idea in your head not turning out right:)
    Victoria xx

  2. Love the heart cushion, it's gorgeous x x x x


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