Sunday, 12 August 2012

Tomorrow marks the start of the Sidewalk Shawl Crochet-Along over at indielovely . This shawl has been on my ever growing To Do List for ages, so when I saw this posted on Instagram, it seemed like the best time to get it done!!

So this afternoon, whilst lying on the sofa trying to rest after visiting the Dino Park today, picnicing at the lakes yesterday & visiting the 'beach' the day before (thought holidays were supposed to be relaxing?) I printed the pattern off (as well as a few others on the list!) & got the wool/yarn ready. Even though the Crochet-Along starts officially tomorrow, some have already started, so if Im still feeling awake once the girlies are in bed, I may attempt to start!

I shouldnt really start a new project as Ive got far too many on the go right now, but I like the idea of working on it at the same time as others.

Speaking of other projects, Im working on the edging of my New Year blanket, which seeing as its now August, might need renaming, ha ha!! Fingers crossed I may have a Ta Dah post for you very soon!!


I just wanted to say that I know my blog hasnt been very wordly (well as wordly as it gets) lately. But time is stretched with 3 kids at home. Im enjoying A Picture A Day, as it'll give us a visual reminder of our summer. However Im sure some people will find this boring, so I hope to get my creative mojo working again very soon to get this blog on a more creative footing. I do appreciate all the comments you have left me & Im sorry that I havent been visiting/commenting on your blogs in return. Im aiming to set aside a quiet evening this week to visit & catch up with all the lovely blogs I follow.

I do envy those creative Mums who spend fun times with their kids, have clean homes, create absolute gorgeousness & manage to blog!!

Do they really exist??



  1. Three kids will definitely keep you busy. I know mine did when they were younger :)

    As for those Stepford Mums, well, what they don't show you is the chaos that lurks in the background, just outside the snapshot. You know, laundry, dirty dishes, messy tables and shelves

    Ruby x

  2. Tell me about it, I only have two wee ones and I'm run off my feet the majority of the time! That shawl looks gorgeous but I daren't start another project :) but I'm going to file the pattern away for a rainy day. Looking forward to seeing your progress!
    Victoria xx


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