Monday, 30 September 2013

Adventures in using chalk paint

A few months ago I was browsing in Ikea, trying my hardest not to buy anything I didn't really need. But Ikea being the sneaky little minx she is, tempted me with the wooden drawer unit pictured above (along with a few picture frames, a couple of latte cups, a vanilla candle or two & the obligatory bag of tea lights!)

I had a vague idea of painting the drawers, then whilst visiting the lovely shop Tiger, I bought some little  decorative knobs with the bright idea of adding them to the drawer fronts. Unfortunately I'd forgotten about the cut out section on each drawer. 

Lets just say that the knobs looked pretty stupid next to the cut out section. Hmmmm, back to the drawing board.

One day, whilst washing up, I had a lightbulb moment. Leaving the washing up half done, I rushed to the drawer unit & pulled out one of the drawers to find that the back of the drawer was a solid piece, perfect!!

We (by using the term 'We', I mean the Hubby) then proceeded to drill a little hole in the centre of the back of each drawer.

Once all the holes had been drilled, me & a can of Annie Sloan 'Old White' got busy!!

Now I've used Annie Sloan before & whilst I loved the ease of use (no sanding or priming etc), I didn't seem to achieve the smooth finish I'd hoped for. 

This tin of paint had so far painted my dresser, a small side table & a chair, so it was just the dregs in the bottom that I was left with to paint with. I wasn't too sure it was going to give me enough coverage until I noticed on the back of the tin that this paint could be watered down. So I added a small amount of water & mixed well, then slapped the paint on. The coverage was brilliant, even better after a slight sanding, how had I not realised this before *smacks head against wall!!* 

I'm not too keen on the chalky feel of furniture painted with chalk paint, but you don't seem to get this when the paint is watered down. I still need to varnish or wax the unit, but for now.......

Ta Dah!!!!!!!!

Since these photos were taken, I have switched the knobs about. But I have to admit, I'm loving how well it turned out!! It sits on 'That Counter' in the kitchen, the one that everything including the kitchen sink gets dumped on, & so far, it's doing a great job keeping the side uncluttered & tidy. 

Now I just need to get around to painting the 4 chairs that are stored in the conservatory, I'm thinking of painting them in different pastel tones.

Have you used chalk paint? What did you think about it? Any hints or tips?


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  1. Ooh, super duper makeover. I love your knobs!!! ;-)

    Can I be honest? I don't find the AS paint quite as dreamy as everybody else seems to - it sort of puts my teeth on edge. I'm so going to try adding water now and see if it helps.

    Hope you're well flower.

    Heather x


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