Friday, 6 September 2013

It's Friday!

The weekend is almost here, yippee! Hoping for a relaxing weekend at home (well as relaxing as it gets with 3 kids, the hubby, a cat & a dog, plus housework & washing!)

Big change in the weather today, yesterday was 27 degrees & blistering sunshine. Today it's 14 degrees, grey, miserable & threatening to rain. That seems to be the forecast for the weekend too. Perfect excuse to stay home I think. It's the last day home with my youngest before she goes back to school on Monday. So far today we've done the school run, gone for a walk & played on the iPad. She is now happily playing with Lego & I'm going to play here!

The weather seemed the perfect excuse to put on the fairy lights, I might even light my scented candles too.

Fingers crossed I will have a Ta Dah post for you later!

Hope you get some playtime today too?!


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