Friday, 30 May 2014

Biscuits, biscuits, biscuits

A few months ago I had a little idea for a new garland. I scribbled the idea down on a piece of paper with the intention of giving it a go, but the idea stayed on the piece of paper till this week.

It's half term here in the UK, so the kids are off school for the week. Typically the weather has been rubbish this week, rain everyday, plus both myself & my youngest have been trying to shake a crappy cold which doesn't seem to want to go. So we've spent most of the week snuggled up indoors. On Tuesday, while the girls were busy drawing, I sat with a cup of tea, some felt & embroidery threads & a plate full of biscuits & transferred the idea off the paper & into felt form.

The pink Party Ring was first up.

Then a few more appeared.

I may have eaten 1 or 2 Party Rings, just to ensure that I was doing them justice!!

Then it was Bourbon time!!

I had to stop there as I was missing the right colour felt for the Jammy Dodgers & Custard Creams, but luckily I picked some up yesterday & so biscuit production shall continue this afternoon (once I've made a cheesecake with my middle daughter).

Here's hoping after all of this, the garland idea actually works!!

Happy Friday!!

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