Monday, 19 May 2014

The one where I've almost conquered sewing zips!!

I've been suffering from a lack of crafting mojo lately, it's not been fun & I've realised how much I enjoy creating & crafting, how much it keeps me sane. If I don't have time to spend crafting, it affects everything else, my general mood, my energy levels etc. in fact it makes me a right miserable cow!!

So I treated myself to a few pretty things to try & entice my crafting mojo out of hiding. All the fabric & the lace trim above comes from The Homemakery (cannot link when blogging via the iPad, please google, as its the most gorgeous site & you will receive amazing customer service from the lovely Kate). I decided to challenge myself & attempt to master sewing in zips. The previous times I have tried, it's been pretty disastrous!! But the crafting gods must have taken pity on me & shined down upon me on that day, because not only did I sew one almost perfect little pouch:

With an almost perfect zip,

I say almost perfect, as I did not balls it up, the lining didn't lie perfectly, but it does the trick!!

& I even managed a second pouch!!

The lining was even worse on this one, but I know what to do differently next time. 

& now I have two pretty little pouches to carry my lip balm, inhaler & glasses cleaning cloth around. I've bought more zips so I can attempt a make up bag & maybe an iPad case.

What can I say? Crafting makes me happy.


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