Tuesday, 24 July 2012

APAD - Day 4

Today was roasting, apparently it hit 30 degrees by 2pm.

We ate lunch outside, well the girls lasted 10 minutes before they asked to come inside. They aren't huge fans of high temps. Miss L-R comes out in a terrible heat rash, which sun cream seems to really aggrivate :-( So inside we came, & had some lollies to cool us down. I had originally planned to do some painting outside in the garden, but that wasn't going to happen. Instead the dining table was overtaken by paints, paper, glue, glitter & pens. The whole afternoon was taken up with this, I think my girls would happily do this everyday if I let them. (My house is steadily being overtaken by crafting supplies & Masterpieces!!)

After dinner (when the temps had considerably cooled) we went outside to play on the hill while we waited for Daddy to come home.

Miss L-R had great fun with her bubble camera, chasing her sisters! I have to say that they played brilliantly together today, no one was left out. Im sure that means tomorrow is gonna be horrible lol!!

All photos are currently being taken on my Iphone, as my camera just doesnt want to play anymore :-(

Whilst we are loving the sunshine & lack of rain, slightly cooler temps, or even a small breeze would make things more bearable right now :-)


P.S whilst the girls were crafting, I did manage to make a start on a crafty project of my own. Im hoping to get it finished tomorrow & will get some photos posted, as this is supposed to be a crafty blog!!

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  1. I'm glad the nice weather returned to you.. love the pix of your girls eating popsicles!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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