Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Stuck in a blogging rut

Im in a real rut at the mo where blogging is concerned. I want to blog, but I just cant come up with anything to blog about.

Im blaming the weather, its July, yet the weather here is absolutely miserable, grey & seemingly constantly raining. Its so depressing. I have so many WIP's that I am just not motivated to finish, Im not even motivated to start something new. I dont even want to bake :-(

I do have 1 or 2 finished projects to show, but its impossible to get a decent photo of them with no light. Fingers crossed we may have 5 minutes of sunshine soon, & then I'll be snapping away!!

I think that once I have dropped little Miss L-R at school this afternoon, I'll come home & do some painting. I havent painted for ages. I'd really like to have a go at some Cath K style roses. Maybe painting something pretty might scare the funk away?

The next post will be more upbeat I promise!! ;-)

Oh & the photo? That'll be the lovely little Miss L-R with her Olympic torch that she made yesterday. At least my girls bring some sunshine into my life.

Take care.



  1. Lisa, I think we've all been there. Us crafty types often lose our mojo but it's OK. We'll all be here waiting for you for when you're ready to share again :)

    Ruby x

  2. Lisa, i wouldnt worry about the blogging mojo - it'll resurface when its ready, like all thinks crafty mojo like!. as you say, i reckon its the weather, how can a person be inspired and uplifted when all around is grey and soggy!!. dont fret about it, enjoy things as they happen. i'm sure you'll have plenty to share when you're ready.
    p.s. i love the stitched rainy girl i noticed in your june month of photos.


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