Monday, 30 July 2012

APAD-day 10

Well we were going to meet up with my SIL & the cousins today, but Miss L-R woke up really chesty. She's been suffering with hay fever quite badly but her coughing was very nasty & painful. After a drs visit it was confirmed that her chest is thankfully clear but her nose & throat are very congested. We picked up medicine & after one dose she had a really long nap & felt much better :-) So instead of going out we stayed in & the girls did more crafts!! I actually got round to using an idea I pinned from Pinterest!! Whilst the girls crafted, I sorted their craft cupboard as it was in a ridiculous state!! Didn't take as long as I thought & now I can tick that off my list woo hoo!!!



  1. Want to come and sort some of my cupboards?

    My hayfever has gone bad in the past few days - hoping it settles down again soon as my nose is so sore :( Hope your little one feels better soon x

  2. Good job on your cupboard. I have a whole room that needs a professional organizer's efforts.. teehee. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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