Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Don't ya just love it....

When the picture in your head of an idea, actually turns out looking the same! Love this feeling, although it doesn't happen a lot.

I needed a new pincushion, but just couldn't find the right one, so why not make one? I've made a couple of large round crocheted cushions & the idea struck me that I could make a pincushion in the same style.

I decided to challenge myself & try & make it without using a pattern, ( I know it's just a pincushion so not exactly a major challenge but I wanted to see of I could remember the 'rules' of making a crocheted circle). I'm thrilled that this is my first attempt. 

I wanted it to have a flower effect, so used a cream scalloped border. It looked nice, but not enough. So I decided to slip stitch around the edging of the scallops in pink, which again looked nice, but not enough. Then the lightbulb pinged on! How about a large stitch in between the scallops to break up the cream? & this time, it not only looked nice but was more than enough!!

Ta dah!! My new pincushion.

& it works perfectly!! & looks pretty, which is a major bonus, especially as its going to be 'on show' on my desk.

Love, love, love it!!

But now I want to make more in different colours..................


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  1. Ooh it's so pretty - clever you! Those long stitches are a brilliant touch. I have a feeling you're going to end up with more pincushions than pins!!!

    Heather x


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