Monday, 5 August 2013

Monday again?

This weekend seemed to fly by! Saturday saw me actually dress up for once ( I have an unhealthy obsession with my pyjamas!! ) We had been invited to a wedding reception in a pretty swanky hotel. I am quite socially awkward, so got myself pretty stressed out about it but after some wonderful advice from all of my lovely IG friends, I dolled myself up & braved it!! I have to admit I had a really good time, the bride was Indian & the groom was Spanish to it was very happy, colourful welcoming party! I went, I spoke to people & I even danced (well I was dragged onto the dance floor lol)

Sunday was a much quieter day. My legs & feet were very sore ( I have hypermobile joints) so a day of rest was in order. I decided to get comfy on the sofa & do some cross stitch, I had received a beautiful little kit in this months Mollie Makes magazine. So stitching, a Friends marathon on tv & lots of tea were pretty much all I achieved yesterday.

But it's a very pretty achievement wouldn't you say? 

All that I need to do is add some ribbon & it's ready to hang.

And that was my weekend.

How was yours?


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  1. oh that cross stitch is pretty - i might have to pick up a copy of Mollie Makes this month!!.


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