Sunday, 11 August 2013


Gotta admit that I love Sundays. Especially Sundays when we don't have major plans. 

I think my perfect Sunday would consist of the kids sleeping till past 8am, having breakfast made for me, served in bed!! Then maybe a walk in the woods for an hour or two. A Sunday roast dinner is a must, beef or chicken, Yorkshire puds, stuffing, roast potatoes, veggies & lots of gravy, then a lie down on the sofa afterwards to watch a film or something funny whilst crocheting. A nice long soak in a hot bubble bath then an early night, especially if there is clean fresh bedding on the bed. Absolutely perfect.

Today wasn't perfect but it was a good day.

No lie in, hungry kids woke me up. Made everyone breakfast, but went & got back into bed to eat mine. Tried to have some time browsing various blogs & Pinterest but the iPad was soon hijacked to look up the Loch Ness Monster, & then to watch the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cartoons on YouTube! So instead I got up & cleaned the kitchen & put some washing on. 

Didn't manage a walk in the woods, but instead we pottered about in the garden, picking the first blackberries & a few apples out of a neighbours tree (with permission!). There was only a few ripened berries but give it a few weeks & the bushes will be laden *note to self:look up blackberry recipes*

After a while the kids got bored so went inside to watch a film. I started dinner & thought I'd paint for a while. I studied art in college but haven't painted for years. It's definitely a skill you can forget, so it can be frustrating to not be able to get what's in your head down on paper.

Flowers are definitely a favourite to paint!! 

Didn't quite manage a full roast dinner, but chicken, roast potatoes, veg & gravy seemed to satisfy everyone. I made a apple & blackberry crumble using this mornings pickings. 

Whilst it cooked, I spent some time playing with a new type of project.


Teeny tiny hexies in fact, made from a scrap bag of Liberty fabric that I brought from a craft fair. Hadn't tried English Paper Piecing before & I was surprised at how easy it was! I had originally planned to make a quilt, but I don't think I will have the patience or the motivation so this seems destined to become a cushion.

Oh & the crumble was delicious by the way, with lots of custard!! Still feel stuffed nearly 4 hours later!!

Didn't manage my nice hot soak in a bubble bath, but a shower will do. Nor did I manage the fresh sheets, but I guess that could cheer my Monday up instead right?

So, how was your Sunday?


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