Friday, 16 August 2013

This week.......

.......consisted of 

Sitting in front of the wood burner in the garden watching a meteor shower with my hubby & my middle daughter (the other two couldn't last till midnight & went to bed). We saw quite a few meteors, was an amazing thing to witness.

Had a picnic at the zoo.

Saw a baby giraffe 

& the elephants which are my favourites!

Found a monkey sitting behind me in the car!!

Went to an indoor 'beach' & turned my youngest into a mermaid.

Went shopping & went home with a fox & a cat!!

Then woke up this morning realising that I've completely overdone it & my body was hurting all over, so some relaxing time in bed was called for. ( stupid hypermobile body!! )

& that was my week.

How was yours?


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