Thursday, 8 August 2013

Trying something new

It was my eldest daughters birthday last week & I always try to make my girls birthday cakes from scratch. After browsing Pinterest, I decided to make a square cake & decorate it as a paddock, with a horse cake topper. My daughter is horse obsessed!! Clay seemed the best option for the topper, then she could keep it as a keepsake after.

So I brought a few packs of Fimo, & hid myself away to make the topper! 

Did I mention that I've never made a 3d topper before? (I have previously made a flat clay Monster High topper for my middle daughters birthday, so this was a brand new thing to learn!)

I had a few ideas in mind from Pinterest but couldn't find the right sort of tutorial so had to figure out the shapes from looking at various photos & just trying it out.

It took less than an hour (me being me, left it to 2 days before her birthday to make it) & I have to admit I was really happy with how it came out. It was a nerve racking 30 mins to see if it survived the baking!!

It survived!!!!

Of course she needed a pink bow!!

I kept her pretty simple, as I didn't want to try & put lots of details then mess the whole thing up! 

The cake wasn't perfect, fondant is not my friend, but my daughter loved it & that's the important thing.

I should at least get 100% for effort right? Lets not mark the technique lol.

Happy birthday to my gorgeous girl!!


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  1. what a clever girl you are!. its brilliant and what a great idea making the topper so she can keep it!.
    i think you did good!.


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